The Trauma & Mental Health Report is a weekly online mental-health magazine published out of York University in Toronto.  Its purpose is to share research-based knowledge with members of the community, on the topic of interpersonal trauma.  We cover issues like the causes and consequences of trauma; treatment, prevention, and implications of trauma for society at large.  We draw on primary sources including interviews with survivors, therapists, and others who work in the field of interpersonal trauma.  We aim to disseminate knowledge by including research published in reputable scientific journals, in a manner that can be readily understood by readers.

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  1. meg paoli / 3-4-2011 / ·

    Thank you for making your research so accessible.

    I would like to receive mailings and updates at the address above.

  2. srependa / 3-5-2011 / ·

    If you visit out home page a the bottom right there is place to enter you email and subscribe to our mailing list. Please do so! Also, should you know anyone else interested in this research, please tell them about us. We are interested in getting this message out to everyone. Thank you for your interest!

    -Sara Rependa, Blog Coordinator.

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  4. Sharen Arts / 3-6-2011 / ·

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  6. J Muller / 3-9-2011 / ·

    How can I get on the listserv to receive The Trauma and Attachment Report? Please advise. Thank you.

  7. srependa / 3-14-2011 / ·

    Anyone can subscribe to our newsletter and receive updates by visiting the “Home” page, and entering their email address in the “Subscribe” box on the right side of the page. Please subscribe so you can find out what is new and exciting at The Trauma and Attachment Report! For other updates please join the Trauma and Attachment Report Facebook group and Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, and join us at Linkedin.

  8. Jtosme Movie / 5-12-2011 / ·


    Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!…

  9. Ruth Martin LMFT / 3-15-2013 / ·

    I have been getting the Trauma and Attachment Report. I’m a MH professional and until this evening I didn’t know about the MH Report. It is also remarkable! Thank you !!

    I also want to mention how helpful Trauma and the Avoidant Client has been in my clinical practice!

  10. laura / 3-21-2013 / ·

    I’m a newbie to this site…need an article first.
    Was the coordinator for Dr. R M when he presented…awesome.

  11. Brenda Cooper / 2-1-2014 / ·

    Would like to receive your weekly newsletter – I am particularly interested in trauma and attachment issues in young babies and toddlers – many thanks

  12. Tessie Mastorakos / 2-5-2014 / ·

    Brenda: Thank you for your interest. You can subscribe to the magazine by entering your email address in the “subscribe” box on the left side of the home page.

    – Tessie

  13. Suzanne King / 4-10-2014 / ·

    Excellent resource, contemporary information. Best blog and source of info I have seen in a very very long time. Hits the mark!

  14. Cullum Murray / 10-17-2015 / ·

    Sooo good. Love it so much.

  15. Adam Holbrook / 2-12-2017 / ·

    Thank you for this, I will add it to my tool box in hopes of combating my own.

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