Schizophrenia, ChambersWithin - William Zhang J Z


Voices whisper in your ear;
Sweetest nothings, greatest fears.

All your life your friend is there,
Waiting with a tale to share.

Threats are blown into the air,
Ever present, meant to scare.

Someone tails your every move;
A hidden fiend, free to rove.

Disembodied voices say:
Never dare to disobey.

Your friend arrives with a grin,
A plan in mind, a great sin.

Trembling grips your paling hand.
Someone whispers their command.

Terrified, you call to me,
Hoping I can set you free.

But as you point out your friend,
Wishing that this all would end,

My answer renews your fear:
I see no one standing there.

By: ChambersWithin

Originally posted on: Deviantart