My Hero

My Hero

Cara Bethel introduces her poem: “My husband served in Iraq 2005 and Afghanistan 2007. This is for him, he is my hero and came back safely to me.”


You kiss me an say “please don’t fret”

As tears crash down, our cheeks all wet

“I love you” you say, as you walk away

I whisper, “you too” and begin to pray

I know you are hurting, it hurts me too

I’d do anything to swap places, let them hurt me and not you


No words can describe, the loss and the dread

The heartbreaking images and thoughts in my head

That I won’t see you again, or kiss your lips

Or feel your hand in my fingertips


As you disappear, into the unknown

I wait and I wait until you have flown

The silence, for hours or days, until we can speak

Is deafening to my ears and it makes my heart weak


All I have is a picture, a moment frozen in time

All I want is you home, you safe and all mine

Please come back safely, I’ll not rest till you do

I’ll be here waiting, forever, for you.

My hero


By Cara Bethell