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Bones of Crows

The 2023 film “Bones of Crows” portrays the decades of systemic racism and abuse the indigenous communities faced in the Canadian residential school system. Told from the perspective of Aline Spears, a Cree code talker in WWII, the film detailing the abuse faced in the residential schools and the generational fight against systemic racism and mistreatment. 

The Canadian Residential schools existed from the 17th century until the late 1990’s. During this time, indigenous children were taken from their families and forced to assimilate to the catholic church. In these schools they attempted to destroy their cultures and suppress their histories. The children faced constant abuse, racism, starvation and sexual abuse. In addition to the abuse, well over 4,100 children died while at these schools in Canada. Throughout the schools’ history, indigenous communities fought against them, and continue now to seek justice for the atrocities faced.

“Bones of Crows” is a film dedicated to addressing the atrocities against the indigenous community in Canada, in and out of the residential schools. It is important to address the treatment that Canada put indigenous people through, some even to this day. 

This film shares the stories of the Canadian people that the country failed, and brings attention to the injustice faced. Canada took away their voices, the least we can do now is listen when they speak.

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