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Inside A Brilliant Schizophrenic Mind

Mitchell Rockert was a brilliant artist, musician, son, brother, cousin, and friend, and he struggled for many years with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a disorder in which people experience psychotic episodes with delusions and hallucinations, disorganized speech and behaviour, and other signs that last for an extended period of time. After Mitchell’s death by suicide, he left behind many stunning paintings, drawings, songs, and poems that he had created. His art was displayed in a gallery at a treatment centre for several years. Some of his art provides a glimpse into the mind of someone with schizophrenia, with disjointed thoughts and creative ways of seeing things.

 Below are a few of Mitchell’s paintings: Piano in the Sky; Birth; and Man in the Sun.     

Notice how this second painting entitled Birth has a baby in the womb in the bottom of the bright candle. What meaning do you find in this?

A lot of meaning can also be seen in this painting of a person overshadowed by the sun and appearing to be consumed by darkness. Yet the person is still standing amidst the brightness of the glowing sun.

People with mental health challenges, including schizophrenia like Mitchell Rockert, face significant challenges. At the same time, it is common for them to have insightful ways of viewing the world and unique creative abilities that can be fostered.

 Image credits:
Feature Image: Greg Rakozy On Unsplash. Creative Commons.
Body Images: Mitchell Rockert, used with permission.