Parallel Universes

“Parallel Universes” is a poignant poem written by a man with schizophrenia. Dan Hoeweler had this poem and two other equally beautiful pieces published in Twisted Dreams Magazine in June 2011. Hoeweler mentions that he was able to pull himself from the delusions, hallucinations and homelessness he had previously experienced; using the talent of eloquence, Hoeweler’s poems have assisted him in overcoming his painful past as well as retelling the narrative of his suffering to enlighten others. In addition, Hoeweler worked as a peer support specialist, teaching computer classes for students with mental illness.

“Parallel Universes” is very powerful, speaking to the positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia, and capturing his personal experiences with auditory and visual hallucinations, thought-broadcasting, paranoia and delusions. The language Hoeweler utilizes forces readers to empathize with the experiences of someone with schizophrenia, exposing what it feels like to have your beliefs silenced by medication and demonized by the public—as, ignorance is bliss toward the parallel universe.


The universe I live in
Is different than yours
I will show you some day
And you will believe
In places
Where death stalks all
Where trickery takes place
Where deception is king
Where demons rule
Where everything is cruel 

I came here one day
Through a black hole
Called Knowledge
And viewed the world
In a different light 

When traveling through
I saw the demons
That rule everything
All the time 

I see them here
In this parallel universe
That you cannot see
That you cannot hear 

They can see
Those that are not blind
They track everyone
Who can see the light 

They control me
They hear me
They see all 

I want to be ignorant again
Just like you
But poisoning my mind
With strange pills
Which brainwash me
Will not let
Me be free 

I wish I was blind
And could not see
This world is a curse
To everything
That I breathe 

One day you may discover
This parallel world
And find yourself in
A lot of trouble
With demons
That see and hear
Everything that you do
With voices
That will torment you 

Stay away from the voices
Stay away from the light
Don’t listen to them
Don’t think they exist
They will lead you here 

Where I am now
With voices
And demons that I fear 

Stay ignorant please
Forever more
Or the demons will come
And take your soul.


Image Credit:
Feature: geralt at Pixabay, Creative Commons