Letter from the Devil

The poem “I got a letter for the devil” by SKAT A is open to interpretation, but could be viewed as expressing the all-consuming nature of mental illness by using poignant imagery of a devil hounding its victim:

(Hello, my sweet friend!)

Speaks in unknown tongues
Nevertheless it will consume
Ask for food,
A sweet drink
The hunger and thirst are real
It’s pitchfork aims at my free will
Seeking and freaking through my pages
It’s been ages since the impression was gone
Sloppy wording crawl under my hide
Notification triggers my finger and thumb
Bang! The evil one exists
With a second-hand letter
It believes, it should never be forgotten

Numb as Novocaine can be
I watch and interpret the riddles in every line
Living and breathing art,
I’m echoing the same nightmare
How dare, the devil seeks to be fed!
Screaming and remembering
–the demons that linger in its head
Too much to read,
I have major troubles with your disease
Lunacy of the universe
Open Obituary, you are a curse
Like a transparent note from a fatal fax machine
It’s a calling, unbearable to describe
Take from me, after I am deceased
Like fire, it burns, cancer in every star

Lies to
Greets to

My eye twitch
My soul hurts

I’m not feeling well
Take care,
Leave me the HEll alone

Image Credit:
Feature: “Androgynous Devil” by Mollia Weidman, Used with Permission