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The Secret to Living Longer

Psychologist Susan Pinker sheds some light onto the secret of living longer in her TedTalk. Pinker emphasizes the importance of social relationships and face to face interactions that lead to a longer and healthier life. This is especially an important topic as we continue through the ongoing pandemic. Her interest and research in this topic were sparked by speaking to older individuals who have lived close to or surpassed 100 years old. She found that these individuals all had meaningful social relationships, where others who died much younger did not. Surprisingly, obesity was the 3rd lowest predictor of length of life, where as the top two predictors were amount close relationships and social integration. Social integration is how many people do you interact with in your day to day life. Check out the full ted talk in the video below.


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Feature Image: Priscilla Du Preez, on Unsplash, Creative Commons