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Starving the OCD Monster

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental illness characterized by intrusive thoughts that cause a high level of anxiety in the individual suffering; some individuals may have compulsions that relieve stress their obsessions cause. This disorder can severely impact the quality of life and the social interactions these individuals have. 

In this TedTalk, Tauscha Johanson talks about what OCD is like from the perspective of a mother. Johanson’s daughter was diagnosed at only eight years old; being so young Johanson and her husband explained that OCD was like a monster. This monster constantly needs food to become stronger and more powerful. The more compulsions she acted on, the more it would grow; ignoring her compulsions would starve the monster and cause it to become weak. 

The current trend on social media revolves around showing neat and perfectly organized spaces with the hashtag OCD.  This disorder is currently being marketed as positive and desirable by many influencers on social media, but the truth behind the façade is not as glorious as it appears. 

Use this link to watch Johanson’s full talk on starving the OCD monster. 

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