Healing Through Self-Discovery

Healing Through Self-Discovery

Hosted by SoulFeed Podcast, Elena Brower shares a powerful spoken word poem, “Ritual of Recovery”, about overcoming addiction. Brower is not alone as reportedly 29 million people worldwide have a drug use disorder.

Brower tells us her reasons for sharing her personal thoughts with us.

“I speak these words so I can feel my own constitution, unobstructed, and walk through this life uninterrupted by habit, by substance, by anything other than bold love and deep mystery. And I own this so I can wake up and go to sleep to the good that is alive in me” (1:31- 1:53).

Brower also comes to terms with her reasons for abusing substances that many can relate to.

“Instead of longing for that numbness that did feel like oneness. It did. We all know it does. But it doesn’t ever last and it ends with that loud thud. Ignorance. Voice of another choice. I now see that I was addicted to ignoring what I knew and that’s the real habit I’m breaking” (6:27-  6:59).

Brower, who has now been sober for almost nine months, reminds us that this world can offer us infinitely more than any substance can.

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