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Blythe Baird shares a deeply personal and moving spoken-word poem about the difficulties she encounters after recovering from an eating disorder. Although it has been three years since Baird has recovered from the disorder, she is constantly reminded of her illness and finds it hard to ignore certain triggers:

“Bathroom scales make me feel nostalgic
Like a scrapbook, I flipped through snapshots of my sickness
The suppers of tobacco smoke and red lipstick
How I used to pack my lunchbox with floss and teeth whitening strips
Last night, I painted my nails when I was hungry
I can’t eat until the polish is dry
I dont want to go into more detail
Because what if you mistaken this poem for an instruction manual?”

Most importantly, Baird reminds us that recovery requires continuous hard work and perseverance.

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Feature: PDPics at pixabay, Creative Commons