Wolf Fur and the Spirit of Healing

Wolf Fur and the Spirit of Healing

Heidi Hanson, an artist and writer in Asheville North Carolina, shares her journey of recovery from PTSD through her poetry, creative writing, and artwork.

Heidi developed PSTD after being in two serious medical accidents, and these experiences later blossomed into her artistic work, creative writing, and blog page.

Wolf Fur is a uniquely calming work of poetry in which Heidi shares her experience of being grounded in the present while healing from her past. Her poem helps to ease anxiety by expressing the healing power that cultivating the present moment can bring.

Be very still
like a cat
waiting on a mouse,
like the snow blanketing
at dawn.
Allow the cords of pain writhing
to stop, to yawn, to gaze at shadows dancing on a safe child’s ceiling;
allow the panicked what-ifs squeezing your mind
to hold teacups instead
and to contemplate the
steam rising into the air, in a quaint café on the corner of here and here,
now and now..

Image Credit:
Feature: Heidi Hanson, used with permission