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Waiting for a Miracle

In the song “Waiting for the Miracle“, Leonard Cohen tells the story of a man realizing that he has waited “half his life away” for some unattainable ideal, the perfect love. Finally coming to terms with the time lost, he realizes how he has failed to pursue opportunities and live life to the fullest in the ‘NOW’. In an interview, Cohen refers to the ‘miracle’ as the “vision from the other side of waiting”. Everyone is waiting for a miracle, but the way one navigates it makes all the difference; it can be a position of fixed imprisonment, or it can be a state of freedom and acceptance where one moves across ‘waiting’ to the other side. 

“Baby, I’ve been waiting,

I’ve been waiting night and day

I didn’t see the time,

I waited half my life away

There were lots of invitations

And I know you sent me some

But I was waiting

For the miracle, for the miracle to come”


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Feature Image: Joshua Earle, on Unsplash, Creative Commons