Everybody Knows

Everybody Knows

Everybody Knows” is a song by artist Kimbra which speaks to oppression, open to different interpretations of the theme. In the rework by Apothek and the accompanying music video, the oppression of domestic abuse and intimate partner violence (IPV) is explored.

Although not explicitly graphic, the video edges around a disturbing story of domestic violence. The narrative centers around the event of a woman arriving home to her partner, slowly with marked hesitation. A man is waiting for her arrival, already fuming and ready to confront her about a message on her phone.

The video cuts back-and-forth in time, featuring the event itself, the aftermath of other events of violence, as well as happier shared moments between them. The latter is important to include, highlighting how domestic violence can happen to anyone.

In the video description, Kimbra comments:

“This evokes heavy emotions and it’s not always easy to speak openly about the ways we experience oppression in our lives but I’m thankful that art is a way for us to see things anew… I think it’s important we use music to give us new (sometimes challenging) perspectives, thanks to the eyes that have courage to capture what we can’t always see so quickly for ourselves.”

If you believe that you or a loved one may be a victim, help is available:

Canada: https://endingviolencecanada.org/getting-help-2/
US: https://www.safehorizon.org/, 1-800-621-HOPE (4673)

TRIGGER WARNING: This video depicts fictional scenes of domestic violence.


Image Credits:
Feature Image: Claudia Soraya, On Unsplash, Creative Commons