Blackwinterwells Song “Thread” Explores Avoidance in Ambient Pop Song Banger

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Hamilton-based artist and producer Blackwinterwells explores the vulnerability and fear of opening up in Thread, released as the third track off of the Sulfur EP released on March 24, 2022. Illustrating her talent for songwriting, Blackwinterwells sings about the pain experienced in intimate relationships when one fears abandonment. Thread courageously dives headfirst into the pain of being vulnerable when others get too close. The track is masterful, ethereal, and heartfelt.

“And you made it safe
And you made it safe for me to breathe…
It’s hard to clean my oozing wounds
It’s hard to feel like I’m deserving of the love I get from you
It’s hard to sleep under this moon
Because I only have nightmares
And they’re all about losing you
“Trust me”
You say, “Just trust me”
But it’s been centuries and I can’t stop the bleeding…
I can’t show myself
Because my spirit is frail
And I can’t even trust my instincts ’cause they’re broken as well
So, I’ll show no one else
What’s inside of my shell
It’s been so long that I’ve forgotten who I really am.”

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Feature Image: Am
irali Mirhashemian, On Unsplash, Creative Commons