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Eating Disorders: Hidden Secrets

Eating disorders are well known and widely talked about in schools and workplaces. It can be hard to understand how people transition from one eating disorder to another and the strong influence it holds on an individual. In this TedTalk Rayo Cole recounts her own battle with eating disorders and the mark it has left on her life today. 

Cole mentions the comfort and safety food provided during a time when she felt out of place, incompetent and insecure after her transition into a new country. Her peers fueled her self-hate from elementary school all the way into high school. In her last year of secondary school and into her college days she attempted suicide about three times. The final time was an accident that left her aware of her mental illness and encouraged her to seek help. Through recovery, she discovered her self-worth, and her beauty and gain the ability to forgive herself. 

To hear Cole’s full story, use the link found here

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