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The Power of Addiction

In recent years, addiction has been a frequently talked about topic from school presentations to news coverage, it’s everywhere. But still the question remains, why does this happen to people? Gabor Maté breaks down addiction and talks about the real questions we should be asking based on his numerous years of experience in treating patients.  

Addiction can look different depending on the person; for instance, it could be shopping, power, drugs, alcohol, gambling, video games, etc. Many people with addictions loose everything important in their lives, such as their support systems and their homes; despite these losses they continue to use drugs. Maté talks about how some people with substance abuse issues prefer death over the life they are living. They are in pain; drugs give them an escape from the trauma they have faced. Maté ends off his talk with this uplifting message, “if you find that light within, if you find your own nature, then we will be kinder to ourselves and we will also be kind to nature”. 

To view Gabor Maté’s TedTalk, use this link here

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