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Not Lazy to Struggle

Struggling with a lack of energy, motivation, or will to complete the simplest of tasks is often seen as laziness. However these may be due to one struggling mental health, not laziness. Many individuals who struggle with mental health challenges are hard on themselves when they struggle to do seemingly basic tasks. Task such as brushing their teeth, doing dishes, or cleaning their room. However, these struggles to do these tasks are often due to the mental, emotional and physical exhaustion of dealing with mental health challenges. 

This video by Psych2Go helps ease the mind of the viewer that it is okay to not have the energy or motivation to complete some tasks, and that they are not lazy. In this video they discuss and explain six signs that you are struggling with mental health , and not lazy. These signs include: phone addiction, too overwhelmed to do anything, physically exhaustion, neglecting personal health, oversleeping, and pain.

Watch the whole video here for the explanation and ways to manage each of the signs.

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Feature Image: Julia Kutsenko, On Unsplash, Creative Commons