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Humpty Dumpty

The group AJR is known for their upbeat tunes and relatable down to earth messages. The group has many songs that express struggling with mental health, such as the song Humpty Dumpty

This song is a track on their most recent album, OK Orchestra, and discusses the feeling of avoiding facing your problems and hiding them from others too, so as not to ‘burden’ them. A feeling that many may relate to, the song relays being in pain and struggling but only allowing yourself to experience them away from others, and putting on a strong face for others. 

“Humpty Dumpty
When Humpty Dumpty
When Humpty Dumpty went down
He said screw it
Imma smile right through it
And I’ll scream when no one’s around

Something’s wrong
But I’m scared to look it up
If I do that
And no one has it
I’ll feel so alone.

Something’s wrong
But don’t pity me for long
If you get sad
Then I’ll feel bad
That I told you at all.

Listen to the full song here

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Feature Image: Melani Sosa, On Unsplash, Creative Commons