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Grieving a Furry Friend

While grief is something everyone experiences in life, it is often associated with the death of someone close to you. Perhaps this is a family member or a dear friend. However, there is another passing that can leave one feeling lonelier than ever before. This is when a beloved pet passes away. 

A short video, composed of many images posted by notanartist.png depicts the pain of losing a furry friend. One can see just how happy the owner is to be holding the cat in the first image below. This smile quickly fades along with the cat in the image. This leaves the owner alone in the image. The words featured at the top of the images only adds more emotion to the grief. Specifically, the words “one last time” added in a different colour from the rest, speaks to not knowing when your time together will end. 

In life it can be easy to get caught up and not pay attention to the little things. Such as cuddling with your pet. Through her images and words she was able to express the pain of losing your pet in a mere few seconds. Which helpsexpress the importance of living in the moment and appreciating our furry friends while they are still here with us. Overall, notanartist.png was able to show the grief of what it is like to lose a pet. As it can often get overlooked by many who have never had a furry companion. However, this artist is able to show just how important pets are in our lives as they always stick by our side.














Image credits:
Feature image: Jenny Uhling at Pexels, Creative Commons
Body images: notanartist.png , used with artist’s permission