Dealing with Family Trauma

Dealing with Family Trauma

Jemma Sbeg is a psychology graduate from Australia who independently founded the podcast, The Psychology of your 20’s. She began the show in hopes to help females navigate challenging experiences typically endured during the 20’s.  The first episode of the podcast was released in 2021 and since then has become one of the most streamed mental health podcasts in many countries. 

Now The Psychology of your 20’s has over one hundred episodes and has covered many relevant topics. These range from what it is like to join the workforce full time to friendship issues, and romantic troubles. However, in one of the more recent episodes shared, Jemma Sbeg has a guest star on the show that shares her battle with family induced trauma

The guest is Amy B Chesler, an author, podcaster, and victim advocate. The episode is 106: “Overcoming Trauma and Complex PTSD ft. Amy B Chesler”. Chesler is a victim and survivor of domestic abuse at the hand of her brother. 

In the episode Amy explains her story, saying how her brother was emotionally abusive towards her and her mother since childhood. She then goes on to say the most traumatic experience in her life was the day her brother took their mother’s life. Amy was sadly only in her early twenties when this event occurred leaving her distraught. Chesler then goes on to give examples of what helped her cope and how she has overcome her trauma and PTSD.

Amy B. Chesler’s story is heart wrenching as well as inspiring. This episode of The Psychology of your 20’s showed how one can overcome trauma and PTSD in their life and become successful. Overall, this podcast talks about many issues and gives insight on how to overcome challenges. 

Listen to The Psychology of your 20’s here. 

Image Credits: K. Mitch Hodge at Unsplash, Creative Commons