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Kim Noble Art Piece by Ria

This art piece was created by Kim Noble who is a mother, artist, and author who has Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Through her thought provoking artwork she illustrates her experience with DID. DID is a way to cope with pain, the main personality splits into several parts. Kim has been in and out of the hospital from age 14 and her and her alters adopted art as a creative way of expressing her thoughts. 

This piece was created by the alter Ria Pratt. If you check out her website you can see her various creative works created by her different alters. The thought provoking art has been showcased in several exhibitions nationally. Check out her other works here.

Image Credits:
Feature Image: Taylor Deas-Melesh, On Unsplash. Creative Commons.
Body Image: Ria Pratt, On kimnobleartist.