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Finding Hope Again

Brianna Wiest is an author and poet and has a popular page on Instagram where she shares her writing too. She has an amazing gift of being able to put words to experiences that many people go through. Many of her written pieces touch on mental health, self esteem, and believing in possibility after heartache. In one of her pieces, she beautifully writes:

 “Everything you’ve ever wanted is still waiting for you. You have not lost your chance, your potential has not waned, your truth has not diminished – even if you have kept it in hiding. All you lost was one particular chance to make it manifest. There will be an infinity more. You have not lost anything just because you lost one particular moment in time. You still contain everything you’ve ever wished to become.”

 So if you have struggled with mental health that has held you back, it is never too late. If you have missed opportunities, there is still opportunity for you. Her words are an important reminder to believe in the infinite possibilities that lie within you. Even if hope was lost before, it is now yours to be found.

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