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Break All the Silence

The song “Break The Silence” by Francois Mulder, is a song that raises awareness about sex trafficking globally and the rising concern associated with it. The title explicitly suggests that we must not be silent in order to attain justice for those who have been victims of sex trafficking, and to help prevent it in the future. Challenging subject matter usually goes unspoken of, but without talking about these uncomfortable topics, change will not happen. Below is a section of the lyrics, in which some meaningful lines have been bolded.

She tries to hold on, but no…

She’s sinking to the bottom so slow.

The girl she knew yesterday she don’t see

when she looks into the mirror,

wipes her tears,

try and wash it all away.

She paints on a smiling face

and tries to forget the last cold embrace.

She wants to run away.

Can’t face another day.

She’d rather join the dead than spend the night with strangers in her bed.

and she cries…

‘Break all the silence
and tell the whole world
that they’re tearing me apart with their dirty selfish hands
leaving me with nothing at all.

He takes me inside and breaks me apart

As he’s pushed up against me my skin begins to crawl
leaving me with nothing at all’

Image Credit:
Feature: Reza Hasannia at Unsplash, Creative Commons