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The Dream Completion Technique

The video entitled “Dream Completion Technique”, speaks about ways to stop and prevent nightmares and night terrors, especially in trauma survivors. In the general population, approximately 1 out of every 20 people experience night terrors, where as in trauma survivors the statistic skyrockets to 9 out of 10 patients. The video emphasizes that you are in control of your dream, and working to get rid of night terrors can also improve mental health in other various ways as it promotes healing. The video suggests three steps to use if you are experiencing night terrors. The first step is to focus on the part of the dream that woke you up. Next, is to decide what happens next that feels good, and then write it down. Finally, read it and imagine it before your sleep, thinking “this is what I want to happen in my dream”. Watch the full video to find out more information about dream completion and nightmares.

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Feature: Dan Burton at Unsplash, Creative Commons