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Coping with Inexperienced Trauma

Leah Warshawski is a film maker where she has worked on TV shows like “Lost” and “Hawaii”. During these projects is when she learned from the of the best and most experienced in the industry. Her first project and feature film is “Finding Hollywoood” where she profiled the burgeoning film industry in Rwanda during the years of recovery after the genocide.

Her recent project was personal where Leah explored her roots in accounting her unique family history during WWII. The film called BIG SONIA ( was about her 91 year-old grandmother Sonia. The documentary film explores how “intergenerational trauma” affects families how it makes a huge impact on future generations. Understanding Sonia’s trauma and complexities forces Leah to come to terms with her own issues and insecurities in a way that’s both relatable and universal. It is through these projects that Leah explains how you cope with trauma you didn’t experience. Pulling from her own experience, Leah gives insight to this alternative perspective on trauma.

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Feature Image: Fernando, on Unsplash, Creative Commons