Hamideh Abol, is an Iranian-Canadian artist whose mixed-media arts are focused on immigration, war, personal, and social crisis issues. Hamideh’s painting, “Grief,” depicts different stages of the grieving process. It is a profoundly personal piece of art as she worked on the painting the following month after the tragic crash of Flight 752 in January 2020. All the while, reflecting on the beautiful and innocent lives that were lost. She admits that by the time she finished the artwork, the canvas took some of her pain away.

The feelings captured in “Grief” represent how we try to deny the loss of our loved ones during the initial stages of grief. But slowly, as their bodies transform and become part of nature, we also go through anger, bargaining, depression, and finally reach acceptance. As Hamideh describes, at the end:

“All that remains is the memory and the thoughts, that’s how they become a part of us, and that’s exactly how they stay with us.”

Art, Collage, Mixed media art, Grief, Acceptance, Loss, Stages of grief, Denial, Depression, Mental health

Image Credits:
Feature Image: Karen Nadine, on Pixabay, Creative Commons
Body Image: Hamideh Abol, on Instagram, Creative Commons