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Mentally Yours

On their podcast titled “Mentally Yours,” Yvette Caster and Ellen Scott discuss topics related to mental health with various special guests. In association with Metro UK, these women have had necessary discussions about relevant issues which are then shared in an easily accessible and charismatic manner. Their recent “Bright Lights” series is targeted toward assisting listeners in managing the holiday season.

In the episode “Bright Lights 7: Dr Emma Hepburn,” Caster discusses the common pitfalls of New Year’s resolutions with clinical psychologist and social media personality, Dr. Emma Hepburn. They note that the resolutions we set are often unrealistic, which sets us up for failure in the long run. When setting a goal for 2021, she recommends having specific, attainable and manageable expectations for oneself. Dr. Hepburn also notes the importance of having self-compassion when making mistakes and acknowledging our own humanity.

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