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Where the Watermelons Grow

Where the Watermelon Grow is a debut novel by author Cindy Baldwin, a novel for kids age 9 to 11+ about a family touched by schizophrenia.  The story is narrated through the eyes of 12-years old Della, whose mom is diagnosed with schizophrenia and experiencing a psychotic episode. Despite the seriousness of the subject matter, there were palpable warmth in the story where Della receives support while undergoing challenges.  The story takes place in a Southern farming community where white people and people of colour are friendly, supportive and presents each other with hope and connection.  The book brings to the forefront children’s experiences and challenges when a parent is diagnosed with mental illness. It also helps the child readers to be more aware of mental illness and the possible experiences and helpful ways to cope with them.

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Feature Image: Caju Gomes, on Unsplash, Creative Commons