Dance & Cry

Dance & Cry

Mother Mother is a Canadian Indie rock band from British Columbia. Their new album Inside was released on June 25, 2021. Certain things are better commented on once we have had time to live with them to tease apart the messages, so for now let’s journey back to the year 2018 and to the band’s album Dance and Cry.

It could be said that some people listen to music for the melody or beat itself, for the way the music makes you feel or move. Others listen for the lyrics and the messages contained in music to see if something resonates and connects with them, perhaps putting their own life into perspective. Sometimes a good message hidden in a song can provide closure and healing.

Dance and Cry is for those looking for melody, as well as for those listening for the lyrics. The compilation of sounds is strong and varied, with both slow and fast pieces. As the name indicates, the album can stay with its audience through an array of feelings. The sounds themselves are evocative of the complexity of emotions and the lyrics, while simple, will make the audience think back to their own similar experiences. As the album’s namesake song indicates:

“Yeah sometimes the pain is like a rock’n’ roll band and you gotta dance, dance, dance,
while you cry.”

This kind of on-the-nose delivery is bound to make the audience come back to the album and the words stick in memory because they describe perfectly the irony of the individual experience: certain things are common, except for how they make each one of us feel. Or as the song Only Love puts it:

“I lay in my in my arms dying as you dance inside my heart…. I know it is only love, it is only love, yeah, but only love could  f*** me up as much.”

The album reminds us that there is no trivial experience, because it is our feelings that bring significance and individuality to any event of our lives.

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