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Music as an Musicians Therapy

Therapy Session” is the title track of American Rapper NF’s second album. The song stems from messages from and conversations with fans about the impact his music has had on them. Messages of depression, anxiety, self harm, abuse, and pain from NF’s music that his audience can relate to. NF’s style of music holds heavy, blunt and honest messages that many can relate to. This has caused his popularity to grow rapidly and the swarms of both positive and negative messages he has received became something he quickly had to learn to deal with. This song discusses his growth as a person from being an unknown artist to performing in front of thousands of fans that all relate to the messages his music tells. 

NF discusses how he has received messages from fans that they feel seen and understood by his music, and that they swear he knows who they are. Music not only is helpful for his fans but music is also an outlet and therapy session for NF, a place where he can discuss anything completely honestly 

“How you gon’ tell me my music does not have a message
When I’m lookin’ out at this crowd full of people I know I affected? Agh!
I got some things in my life (My life)
I know I should let ’em go (Let ’em go)
Let me jot it down (Jot it down)
Let me take a mental note (Mental note)
I put it all in this microphone (Microphone)
Think about that for a minute
What is the point of this song? I’m just ventin’
But what you expect from a therapy session, huh?

The message conveyed shows how much NF cares for his fans and how much music means to him. In the music video scenes cut back and forth between NF talking to his therapist, and various graphic scenes that depict how through his music he is there with his fan as they struggle. These scenes do contain sensitive content, such as self harm and physical abuse that may be triggering to some viewers, so viewers discretion is advised.

View the lyric video here.

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