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Self-Portrait by Jane Fox

Self portrait of the silence I have endured. Six years ago trauma PTSD Followed by sexual, physical mental emotional domestic violence spousal abuse, by a Narcissist who uses those past events to attack daily. The daily emotional abuse is far worse. No family as they have turned their backs on my isolation and from lies Gaslighting he spread to keep them away. He then stole our daughter, hid her away because he claimed I didn’t love her enough and he wanted to show me how it felt to lose what I loved”

This self portrait by user Jane Fox on Flickr illustrates how trauma, PTSD, and abuse can make someone feel. It is a thought-provoking piece published eight years ago where user Jane Fox bravely shared her story and many people resonated with the art. The piece shows a woman covered by swipes of colourful paint. It brings to light how survivors of abuse might think of themselves. It is compelling to contemplate why her mouth may be painted over as potentially it is highlighting her inability to speak up, be heard, or ask for help. 

Image credits:
Feature image: Nadine Shaabana at Unsplash, Creative Commons
Body image: Jane Fox at Flicker, with artist’s permission.