Waiting to Unfold

Waiting to Unfold

Waiting to Unfold is a collection of poems written by Rachel Barenblat describing the joys and challenge  mothers experience during their first year of parenthood. The collection also illuminates on a subject that many mothers sometimes feel uncomfortable discussing; post-partum depression. She addresses the confusion, extreme nervousness, and sleep deprivation that many experience, but never formally acknowledge, after giving birth to their first-borns.

Here is a look at a poem that the author describes as “another morning’s blessing”:


You bring my son’s footfalls to my door

and shock me awake with his cold heels against my ribs.

You teach me to distinguish waking life from dreaming.

You press the wooden floor against the soles of my feet.

You slip my eyeglasses into my questing hand

and the world comes into focus again.

In the time before time You collected hydrogen and oxygen

into molecules which stream now from my showerhead.

You enfold me in this bathtowel.

You enliven me with coffee.

Every morning you remake me in your image

and free me to push back against my fears.

You are the balance that holds up my spine,

the light in my gritty, grateful eyes.


Here is a link if you would like to learn more about the author: http://www.phoeniciapublishing.com/waiting-to-unfold.html