Happiness, A Scary Thing

Happiness, A Scary Thing

This poem, written by Colleen Mulroney, describes the constant experience of pain overshadowing happiness. Despite the overall melancholy tone of the piece, she does end the poem on a positive note, by encouraging people to seek and accept happiness, despite how terrifying it might seem.

A Scary Thing – Colleen Mulroney

is a scary thing
when all you know is pain
hurt caused by others
or pain inflicted on yourself
when you can’t see the light
or what your life has to gain.

Happiness is a scary thing
when you’ve never been happy before
when you’ve never looked beyond your door
when you’re used to sadness,
and painful emotions
when you haven’t felt well enough
to simply want more.

Happiness is a scary thing
when you don’t know its name
or its feeling, just the same
when you’re used to losing the game

Happiness is a scary thing
but I’m going to face it
take it step by step
and sometimes I may want to run and hide
or need to be by someone’s side
but I’m not going to run away
Because I want happiness
to be here to stay.

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