Anxiety Comes

Anxiety Comes

Barb Brown depicts the subjective experience of anxiety in her poem titled ‘Anxiety Comes’, lyrically describing the suddenness and fear.

Anxiety Comes

it comes like a freight train
as eyes are cast the wrong way
unwelcome guest, slipping in
foretold in stages

begins as a ripple
shudders down cords of my arms
followed by hollowness of breath
like bubbles rising in a lake, unfettered

then comes coursing blood
racing as a sprinter, heart to wrists
and shaking of palms and fingers
as trembles even the Oak in a tempest

creating churn with its lover
ever present depression
sits like a slick black rock in my belly
they intertwine in cackling madness

then the torrents arrive,
cinder rain run down my back
burning swaths that flay my skin
hanging on, I rock like thunder

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Feature: geralt on Pixabay