Stop the Stigma

Stop the Stigma

“I didn’t know how to explain it to anyone and I didn’t understand it myself, so I just didn’t talk about it.”

“Out of Sight: Stop the Stigma, Start a Conversation” is a documentary by Brave Voice Films from 2016 that looks at the impact of mental-health problems, the stigma associated with them, and why they are ignored so frequently. Through a series of gripping interviews, this documentary discusses the consequences of stigmatizing mental illness, and the effect on teenagers who grow up without the appropriate resources and education to deal with mental-health issues. As one parent says during the documentary:

“If you’re not doing anything to help your kid… we would have loved that opportunity, and we don’t have that opportunity anymore… it is our responsibility as parents to get them the help that they deserve.”

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Feature: Still from “Out of Sight: Stop the Stigma, Start a Conversation” trailer