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I Feel Your Pain

“I Feel Your Pain” is a song by the electronic musician Famba. The song is written from the perspective of a friend of someone suffering from depression, and speaks to the immense difficulty that one can have in reaching out for help. Asking for help can be a barrier to recovery, often due to shame and the fear of burdening others. Famba’s song, however, addresses the fact that despite the perception of isolation that may come with depression, you are not alone in what you are feeling – as the narrator of the song says, “I feel your pain, more than you know”.

‘Cause I know how it feels to be in darkness
Lookin’ up to heaven but it’s starless
With nothin’ but a hole right where your heart is
Reaching out to someone is the hardest



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Feature Image: Gemma Chua-Tran, on Unsplash, Creative Commons