Swedish pop singer Molly Sandén’s song “Freak” was written by Kevin Högdahl, Maria Smith, Molly Sandén and Victor Thell. The lyrics reflect an internal struggle against self-doubt and artfully conveys the message that we are often our own worst critic and enemy. Sandén’s powerful performance is infused with emotion as she wars with the “monster” inside of her that continually calls her a “freak.” While the song is steeped in vulnerability and helplessness, it also glimmers with the hope of self-rescue. Overall, it is a desperate plea for the self-love and strength needed to overcome one’s inner saboteur.

“Every time I try to swim, it pulls me, pulls me deeper down
Every time I try to fly, it holds me, holds me to the ground
It tells me I’m a freak,
Drains me,
The monster is inside of me
Save me
The enemy is inside of me”

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Feature Image: Eric Ward, On Unsplash, Creative Commons