How Are You Doing? “Terrible, Thanks For Asking."

How Are You Doing? “Terrible, Thanks For Asking.”

Terrible, thanks for asking is a cross-platform podcast created by Nora Mclnerny, the host of each episode. After the sudden lost of Nora’s husband and a couple of weeks after her dad, the host of the show explains that sometimes the best way to describe how one is feeling is by replying: “Terrible, thanks for asking”, to the question: “How are you doing?”. Each episode is full of deep reflection, where invited participants share their daily life experiences, challenges, lowest points, and adversities they have overcome. 

There are no rules about how a person should tell their story, for Nora offers each episode as a safe space to share misunderstood feelings and unsolved emotions, and to open oneself to vulnerability. By connecting with a different story on every episode, Terrible, thanks for asking invites listeners to release their emotions and perform some active introspection, reflecting on why situations affect us differently. if you are looking for listening different outlooks about life, this space is perfect for you.

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Feature Image: Nicholas Kusuma, On Unsplash, Creative Commons