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Experiencing Anxiety

Kevin Dooley is an artist that specializes in photography and has been publishing images on Flickr for many years. His pieces range from fun images of daily life to deeper meanings like the image featured below. This is his picture which he titled “Anxiety” and shared in the year 2016. He highlights that the image is not a drawing but rather an image of a plastic toy from a nativity scene. Kevin shares how he acquired the effect on the image saying that it was done using a feature directly built into his camera. 

Although the artwork is simply a plastic toy with a filter on it, what it represents is much more! Anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders in the world. With an estimated 4 percent of the global population having or having dealt with anxiety at some point in their lives. The image below highlights how one can feel while experiencing anxiety. Like everything’s a blur and noisy. The toy covering its ears with their hands also fits how one may want to react to having anxiety. This mental disorder truly impacts a lot of the population and through this piece of art, Kevin is able to bring some awareness to how one may experience anxiety. 

Image Credits:
Feature Image: Mohamed_hassan, on Pixabay. Creative Commons.
Body Image: Kevin Dooley, on Flickr. Creative Commons.