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Understanding Trauma

If you’ve ever been intrigued by how trauma impacts the body, or if you’re searching for effective ways to navigate anxiety and stress, then this video “Trauma and the Nervous System: A Polyvagal Perspective” is a must-watch. This insightful and educational piece delves into the groundbreaking Polyvagal Theory, introduced by Dr. Stephen Porges, in very easily understandable language. It explains the deep connection between our nervous system and our emotional wellbeing.

The Polyvagal Theory is a revolutionary concept in neuroscience and psychology. Which explores how the vagus nerve—the longest cranial nerve in the body—affects our emotional and physiological responses. This theory provides a new lens through which we can understand the body’s response to trauma and stress, offering a biological basis for why we feel the way we do during challenging times.

In this video, you’ll come to understand:

  1. The role of the Vagus Nerve – including how it regulates our body’s stress response and contributes to feelings of safety or danger. Understanding this can help individuals recognize their bodily reactions and manage them better.
  2. Three States of the Nervous System. Learn about how the three states – social engagement, fight or flight, and shutdown – impact our interactions and emotional responses. Knowing these states can be a game-changer in how we handle stress and trauma.
  3. Practical Applications: The video offers practical insights into how The Polyvagal Theory can be applied to improve mental health. Techniques such as deep breathing, mindfulness, and other vagus nerve-stimulating activities can promote relaxation and resilience.

This video is not just for mental health professionals. It’s for anyone interested in self-improvement and understanding the intricate workings of their own mind and body. It is a valuable resource for anyone who has experienced trauma or who supports someone who has. So feel free to share this with its clients and clinicians alike. By watching, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation of how your body’s nervous system operates and practical strategies to enhance your emotional wellbeing.

Watch the video here.

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