Dementia Takes Front Stage

Dementia Takes Front Stage

Sue K. Green’s poem Dementia Takes Front Stage paints a graphic picture of the pain, loneliness, and confusion that sufferers of dementia go through as they begin to realize the impacts their symptoms will have. Her words stand as a stark reminder of the difficulty of dealing with dementia for loved ones and highlight the importance of devotion and affection.

Listen to me; I am here.
Weakened body, Fractured mind,
Days and nights now

I sit in constant wonder
Frightening things I see
Why is this all happening?
I fight now to be free.

No one seems to listen
Can’t you understand?
I don’t need to be here;
Not in this remand.

Share with me some moments;
Forgive if I forget.
Have patience when I anger;
Please don’t get upset.

Today I might remember
Your name and who you are;
Don’t count on tomorrow
My mind might be afar.

Just tell me that you love me;
Sit and hold my hand.
Listen to my stories;
Don’t give me reprimand.

Leave me with a hug;
Tell me you’ll be back.
Let me see you smile;
Such, this brain attack!

Sue Green (2014)