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One Day

“One Day” by legendary reggae singer Matisyahu is an optimistic and upbeat song that speaks about hope for a future without war. A future where children will be able to play in peace, and where violence will not be part of our daily lives. It is an inspiring song about resilience and having hope in humankind that one day our world will stop fighting and people will embrace kindness and freedom. Even if the present involves fear and pain, “One Day” encourages everyone to believe in a future of love and peace.  


“Sometimes in my tears I drown

But I never let it get me down

So when negativity surrounds

I know someday it’ll all turn around because…

All my life I’ve been waiting for

I’ve been praying for

For the people to say

That we don’t wanna fight no more

There will be no more wars

And our children will play

One day One day One day

One day One day One day”



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Feature: Staff Sgt. Jamal Sutter at Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain