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Broken Light Collective

Danielle Hark is a freelance photographer, photo editor and mental health writer. During a depressive episode in 2012, she found photography to be a powerful therapeutic tool and buffer against negative emotions. She subsequently founded Broken Light Collective, an online photography gallery made for artists who have also struggled with mental illness. Danielle encourages first-time photographers and professionals alike to share their experiences through their art and fight the stigma around mental illness. Some of the images from Broken Light Collective have been showcased in live exhibits and Danielle continues to work hard to bring her collections to new heights.

Broken Light Collective’s mission is to enhance the lives of people living with or affected by mental illness through the use of therapeutic photography; to provide opportunities to share photographic work in supportive environments both online and through live exhibition; and to raise awareness and fight stigma through art, education, advocacy, and outreach.

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Feature: Eric Lynch, Creative Commons, some rights reserved