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Guilt Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

“Guilt doesn’t live here anymore” is a poem written by famous slam poet Blythe Baird. It is a message of self-assurance to survivors of sexual abuse about healing and reclaiming their lives in spite of the trauma. It touches on appreciating the more “mundane” aspects of healing such as being able to take care of yourself, as well as affirming your own inner strength.

“I’m gonna take over the world in spite of everything that has been done to me and my body- in fact, I’m going to take over the world because of everything that has been done to me and my body…

You know what I learned? Every time I thought my life was ending, turns out it was just opening. And one day, the urge to write a poem became stronger than the urge to write a suicide note. And so, I wrote the poem.”

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