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To Be Loved

The song “To Be Loved”, by AURORA and Askjell expresses the challenges of feeling love. There is a beautiful feeling of connection that arises with love. Yet feeling in love with another at one point can simultaneously produce feelings of loneliness once that love has vanished. 

“So warm, but time is cold and

Trust me, I would know

In my heart, I’m the half of a whole

And it’s making me feel so alone

Waking up

Thinking of what it is to be loved

I tell myself I have to build defences

‘Cause once you are in love, you are defenceless”

Heartache is not necessarily a mental illness, however since human connections are an essential aspect of life, feeling a loss of connection can impact preexisting mental illnesses.

Some who have mental illnesses share the depth of their experiences with a partner, and if that partner leaves, those individuals can end up feeling more alone than ever before.

“I’m never lonely

Until someone holds me

And lets go, just to show me

How it’s like to be loved”

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Feature Image: Everton Vila, on Unsplash, Creative Commons