A Way To Put Our Pieces Together

A Way To Put Our Pieces Together

Maria Jose Espindola, also known as itaartista, is a young Colombian visual artist based in Bogota D.C  (who is also part of the artist collective ETRA). After having the opportunity to travel and study in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she found that collage and visual expressions is the perfect way to share her dreams, feelings, emotions, and thoughts about topics such as the relationship between body and nature, body and daily-life.  Itaartista enjoys providing spaces to discuss the importance of valuing our bodies and how this affects our mental health in multiple dimensions. 

These are some of her most significant pieces and some descriptions provided by the artist.


Nuestras raices (“Our roots”) is a piece that emerges from the idea about our inner growth, which most of the time goes unnoticed. It tells the story of two women that grow together through a friendship bond. This is made in grey tones to frame the feeling of strength and calmness.


Sobre nuestros miedos (“About our fears”) is a piece that tells our worst nightmares in colours, our inner fears, our insecurities, the feeling of not being able to express what we feel  and the absence of something or someone.


Soy mi propio refugio (“I am my own refuge”) is a piece that “hugged me” during grey times. I am a woman and I feel fear and sadness. Being a woman is to fight and scream. I think that is important to recognize that you got yourself. Nothing and nobody will be able to fill you as much as you can fill yourself. Oneself is its own refuge.


Image Credits:
Feature Image: Sharon McCutcheon, On Unsplash, Creative Commons
Second Image: Maria Jose Espi, Used with artist’s permission
Third Image:Maria Jose Espi, Used with artist’s permission
Fourth Image: Maria Jose Espi, Used with artist’s permission