In My Favourite Memory of Her

In My Favourite Memory of Her

In her spoken word poem “In My Favourite Memory of Her,” Reagan Myers reflects upon the beautiful moments shared with a friend who died by suicide. She paints a warm scene of friends in a park on a sunny day, providing us a glimpse into what she loves most about their friendship. Myers hopes these memories will remain happy, untainted by the heartbreak felt now that her friend is gone. She conveys feelings of helplessness as she thinks about “what went wrong.”

Losing a loved one by suicide can be painful and traumatic. Grief is complex, the process can be difficult especially due to the stigma that surrounds suicide. If you are struggling with loss, resources are available. Like Myers, even sharing the special memories of a loved one who has died can be helpful. 

“Just because someone you love has died does not mean that someone you love is gone.”


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Feature Image: Sara Kurfeß, On Unsplash, Creative Commons