Dizzy Girl Holding Head

The Darkest Corner of Her Mind

Edith Lebeau is a Canadian portrait artist based in Montreal, Québec whose enthralling pieces focus on mental health awareness and destigmatizing mental illness. Lebeau showcases the stories of women characters through emotionally charged artistic explorations of struggle, fear, and insecurity as well as strength and hope. 

Lebeau’s piece “The Darkest Corner of Her Mind” is a depiction of experiencing mental health challenges. Sharing the piece as well as the inspirations behind it on her Instagram account (@edithlebeau), Lebeau describes that the burning house above the figure’s head represents a struggle with the self, the mind, and mental health. Lebeau also shares that the knit wrap around the figure’s shoulders is symbolic of the protection and comfort needed in this situation. 

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Image Credits:

Feature Image: Uday Mittal On Unsplash, Creative Commons.

Body Image: @edithlebeau, used with the artist’s permission.