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I Have a Sparkling Personality

In her well-articulated and expressive spoken word, Alex Lane describes her experience living with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Lane composed the spoken word as though she is explaining her battles to a friend who is questioning common misconceptions regarding the disorder. Lane addresses these misconceptions by drawing on personal life events, including personal emotions and feelings, to bring attention to what living with BPD is really like, stating: 

“So when I tell her I’m borderline, she says ‘oh?’
She asks me if it’s like bipolar, […} and asks me if I’m crazy. I get that a lot. I say ‘No, crazy’s not a clinical term’.
She asks me what it feels like, and I tell her it’s feeling nothing and everything all at the same time. It’s walking around like this world is black or white, there is no middle.” 

Lane goes on to share with readers how her diagnosis has progressed over the years as well as some of the personal effects she has endured, consequently influencing many of her personal relationships. The spoken word helps to showcase how misrepresented the disorder is, and just how challenging it may be for those faced with it. 

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